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How to use your Bitwala Wallet in DeFi
Emanuel Coen |
Thu Sep 17 2020

In today's tutorial we're going to show how Bitwala users can import their Bitwala Ethereum wallet into Metamask and experiment with DeFi protocols. We're going to show how to use Uniswap and Aave....

What is $MEME protocol and how do I get MEME NFTs?
Emanuel Coen |
Wed Sep 16 2020

The MEME token story is a story only crypto can produce. From a joke to a multi-million dollar projects within hours. Learn about the MEME protocol and how you can use it to farm rare NFTs....

How to Get 1-Click Exposure to DeFi with SetToken
Emanuel Coen |
Tue Sep 15 2020

The DeFi Pulse Index (DIP) is built on Set Protocol’s new v2 infrastructure and consists of 10 of the most popular DeFi tokens available on Ethereum. It allows you to get exposure to the whole DeFi market in one trade....

How to buy DAI in Europe without going through a crypto exchange
Emanuel Coen |
Mon Sep 14 2020

Ramp tries to remove all the friction involved in buying crypto. Using Ramp you can go from your bank account to having crypto in your Ethereum wallet in minutes....

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