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How to earn yield on bitcoin using DeFi
Jacob Dawson |
Fri Mar 12 2021

While bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the largest market cap, Ethereum offers many opportunities to use bitcoin and earn interest. In this tutorial we explore how to do it and which DeFi applications work best with bitcoin....

A beginners guide to index investing and staking in DeFi with PieVaults
Lui Kohl |
Mon Jan 04 2021

PieDAO allows users to buy indexes of tokens to get exposure to a variety of tokens in the DeFi space without having to purchase each of them individually....

The Basics of Chart “Analysis”: How to read crypto trading charts patterns
Dennis Daiber |
Wed Nov 25 2020

raders and investors analyze chart patterns in order to better understand the current situation on the market. Applying known indicators and patterns to historical price data they try to forecast the future performance of an asset. ...

How to play the lottery without ever losing using PoolTogether
Emanuel Coen |
Thu Oct 29 2020

The global lottery market size was $320 billion dollars in 2019. However, the lottery market industry has seen little innovation over the last few decades and is plagued by problems. Can crypto and DeFi make it more fair?...

How to earn sustainable Yields and RGT tokens with RARI
Gabriel Haines |
Thu Oct 22 2020

The idea behind [Rari Capital](http://rari.capital/) is pretty straightforward: maximize your yields. Rari has been around for a long time (for DeFi standards), long before the recent yield farming craze, as one of the first yield aggregators. ...

How to use your Bitwala Wallet in DeFi
Emanuel Coen |
Thu Sep 17 2020

In today's tutorial we're going to show how Bitwala users can import their Bitwala Ethereum wallet into Metamask and experiment with DeFi protocols. We're going to show how to use Uniswap and Aave....

What is $MEME protocol and how do I get MEME NFTs?
Emanuel Coen |
Wed Sep 16 2020

The MEME token story is a story only crypto can produce. From a joke to a multi-million dollar projects within hours. Learn about the MEME protocol and how you can use it to farm rare NFTs....

How to Buy a DeFi Index
Emanuel Coen |
Tue Sep 15 2020

The DeFi5 Index is built on Indexed.Fiance's AMM Balancer Pools and consists of 5 of the most popular DeFi tokens available on Ethereum. It allows you to get exposure to the whole DeFi market in one trade....

How to buy DAI in Europe without going through a crypto exchange
Emanuel Coen |
Mon Sep 14 2020

Ramp tries to remove all the friction involved in buying crypto. Using Ramp you can go from your bank account to having crypto in your Ethereum wallet in minutes....

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We are a multi-faceted team of crypto enthusiasts based in Berlin.

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