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How to buy cryptocurrencies

There are several ways to buy cryptocurrency. The most common way is to buy it on an online cryptocurrency exchange.

However, there are other methods like peer-to-peer exchanges or Crypto ATMs.

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They connect crypto buyers with crypto sellers on a trading platform and take a fee for facilitating each transaction.

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peer-to-peer exchanges

These local marketplaces allow direct peer-to-peer trading between people all around the world. Examples are Paxful and LocalCryptos

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find a crypto ATM

Crypto ATMs let you buy crypto with cash or credit card. Depending on the local legislation you can buy small amounts without any KYC.

store & send:
Crypto wallets

Once you have bought cryptocurrency on an exchange, you’ll need to choose a wallet where you can securely store your coins or tokens. You can also leave it in custody of a cryptocurrency exchange but if you want to use your cryptocurrency regularly, we advise you to use a dedicated wallet. There are three types of wallets:

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custodial wallets

The provider takes sole responsibility for holding your funds for you. However, this means that users are not entirely in control of their assets.

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non-custodial wallets

They are wallets where the user holds the private key. Only the user can access their funds (not the provider). However, with greater control comes greater responsibility.

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hardware wallets

Hardware wallets are a special type of non-custodial wallet. They add another layer of security by keeping your private key on a specially designed piece of hardware.

borrow & lend:
Crypto finance

If you own crypto assets why not put them to good use?

Crypto finance encompasses all the services that you are used to receiving from traditional banks only that now you’re using digital assets instead of fiat currencies. Here are some examples of things you can do with your crypto.

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savings accounts

It lets you earn interest on crypto if you deposit to your savings account. Your funds are only lent out to borrowers who deposit collateral against their loan.

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crypto loans

It allow you to access almost instant fiat liquidity without selling your crypto assets. By using your crypto as collateral for your loan, you can receive USD or other fiat currencies.

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crypto cards

It is exactly like your regular payment card, except that you have the option to load your card with crypto instead of fiat. You can use it to buy groceries, shop online and do all the other things you would do with a payment card.

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