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Fixed Rate Borrowing & Lending with Notional Finance
Emanuel Coen |
Fri Dec 11 2020

The ability to provide fixed-rate lending makes the DeFi space more accessible for mainstream users and institutional investors. In this areview we explore how Notional works....

HEGIC PROTOCOL: Bringing option trading to the DeFi space
Emanuel Coen |
Thu Nov 19 2020

Options are one of the most important financial primitives in the traditional finance world. Now they are finally available in DeFi, on steroids with Hegic protocol....

What is Pickle Finance?
Emanuel Coen |
Wed Nov 11 2020

What is Pickle Finance? Although the name might sound funny Pickle is one of the hottest applications being developed in the DeFi space at the moment....

How to buy DAI?
Emanuel Coen |
Sat May 09 2020

For those who are not sure what DAI is, it’s a decentralized stablecoin whose value is pegged to the US dollar. We often get asked by people how to buy DAI and where to buy it from. We have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to buy DAI....

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