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The Best Crypto Podcasts in 2020

Emanuel Coen |
Sat May 09 2020
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Over the last few years, the surge in popularity of podcasts has been impressive. Even more so in the crypto community. Perhaps because crypto enthusiasts love sharing their knowledge with others or maybe because it's hard to find quality information on crypto through traditional news outlets. There are a variety of great crypto podcasts each with a slightly different focus. If you want to learn about crypto, there's no better and more efficient way than to begin listening to podcasts. In this post we'll walk you through the best cryptocurrency podcasts and explain what you can expect from each of them.

For those who are completely new to crypto we recommend reading our post on how Bitcoin works.

The Best Crypto Podcasts


text Unchained is a podcast by US-journalist Laura Shin. It's one of the most well-known podcasts in the industry and covers everything from recent developments to interviews with important thought leaders. The podcast is relatively non-technical, making it a great one for beginners wanting to learn more about the different applications of crypto. Moreover, Laura asks the right questions and always slows down her guests to make sure newcomers can follow.

Favourite shows:

Mario Conti on "The rise of Maker DAO" and personal experience with crypto in Argentina

Why North Korea is interested in cryptocurrency

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcast

The Pomp Podcast

text The Pomp Podcast (previously 'Off The Chain') is another very well-known show in the crypto community. One could almost call it 'mainstream' (for crypto standards). Anthony is a co-founder of the investment firm Morgan Creek Digital Assets backed by the multi-billion dollar asset manager Creek Capital Management. He is also famous for his passionate Bitcoin tweets on Twitter where he has more than 300K followers.

Favourite shows:

Caitlin Long from Avanti Bank on the upcoming credit bubble

Binance CEO CZ on why Binance acquired CoinMarketCap for $400

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcast


text This one is a bit of a shameless plug: our own Cryptotesters podcast. Like our website, our podcast focuses entirely on crypto products (wallets, exchanges etc.). We invite the founders behind those products and discuss how they started their company, how they market their products and all sort of other relevant questions for crypto interested folks. We just started it and would love you to tune in!

Favourite shows:

Brave Head of Marketing, Des Martin, discussing Hypergrowth, the future of Brave and the importance of their BAT token


text Bankless is a relatively new podcast by crypto blogger Ryan Adams and co-host David Hoffman. The main goal of the podcast is to teach listeners how to become "bankless" by using Ethereum applications to save, borrow, trade and invest instead of traditional banking products. It's a great introduction into the amazing world of Ethereum.

Listen On:


Apple Podcast

Into the Ether

This is another show focusing on Ethereum. Into The Ether is for listeners who want to dive deep into Ethereum and its fascinating community . The podcast's hosts Eric Conner and Anthony Sassano are well-respected members in the community and they are always on-top of the latest developments and controversies surrounding Ethereum. They also often invite founders of new Ethereum applications and infrastructure projects and give them a chance to present their project to the wider community.

Favourite shows:

Tokenizing Real Estate on Ethereum with RealT

Smart contract insurance on Ethereum with Nexus

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcast

What Bitcoin Did


As you can probably tell from the name, "What Bitcoin Did" is a show focusing on Bitcoin. Listeners will learn about how Bitcoin works but also dive into the deeper philosophical questions around its libertarian and anti-authoritarian values. The show is run by British host Peter McCormak. We particularly enjoyed the series on Bitcoin adoption in Latin America.

Favourite shows:

Exploring the Contrasting Use Cases between North- and Southamerica

Is Chainanalysis Evil?

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcast

The Scoop

text The Scoop is produced by the popular crypto publication 'The Block'. Guests of the show are often regulators or leaders of Wall Street firms. The show gives you a great perspective about what 'old money' has to say about 'new money'.

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcast

On the Brink


Hosts Matt Walsh and Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures explore the political, ethical, and economic significance of Bitcoin and other public blockchains and talk to some of the leading experts in the industry. Expect candid discussions with crypto's top builders and investors.

Favourite shows:

Larry White on Dollarization and Free Banking

Tom Jessop from Fidelity on how to build institutional infrastructure for crypto

Listen on: Spotify,Apple Podcast

The Stephan Livera Podcast


Stephan Livera is a Bitcoin podcast host, educator, and entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia. The show regularly features high-profile guests such as Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter), Jameson Lopp (Casa) and covers everything from introductions to Austrian Economics to deep-dives into Bitcoin improvement proposals (BIP's).

Favourite shows:

Jack Dorsey on Bitcoin as a native Internet currency

Intro to Bitcoin Mining

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcast

We will make sure to continuously update this list! Stay tuned!

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