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Choosing the best payment option

Use a crypto card that gives you crypto rewards on every purchase to grow your crypto holdings. Or use one of our sign-up deals to earn crypto.

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Cryptocurrency cards

Custodial wallets hold crypto funds on behalf of their clients. They are equivalent to a bank account in the crypto world.

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How do crypto cards work?

1. Register for free
Sign-up for any exchange listed on our website. All you need is an email address and password.Compare crypto wallets
Since a card interacts with the old financial system and laws you will need to verify your identity.
Order a card and wait until it arrives at your home. Some cards charge a yearly or one-time fee.
Top-up your card with fiat by transferring from your bank account or selling crypto.
Make a purchase and earn crypto cashbacks.

Crypto deals

Non-custodial wallets put users in control of their funds. The wallet provider has no means of accessing or freezing users funds.

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How do deals work?

1. Choose a deal
Choose one from our dozens of deals with the best companies in crypto.
If necessary we indicate whether you have to enter a code to benefit from the deal. Sometimes a link is enough.
Benefit and help us sustain this platform by earning affiliate revenue. Win win!

Frequently asked questions

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A crypto debit card is exactly like a regular payment card, except that you have the option to load it with crypto instead of fiat. In most cases the provider offers an app that holds both crypto and fiat currencies like Euros or US Dollars. When users want to make a purchase in a store (or online ) they can convert their funds into fiat within the app and spend those funds instantly with their crypto debit card.

The crypto rewards are attractive if you use it as your primary card and start earning rewards on all your spendings. It’s important that they offer fiat top-ups by card so you can transfer funds from your main bank account and spend your fiat. If you have to sell crypto the money you lose on the conversion might cancel out the crypto rewards.

Most crypto card providers make money when you are selling crypto. They also receive a small commission from Visa/Mastercard when a user makes a purchase in-store. Some offer it only to get better customer retention.

A crypto card makes sense if you need quick access to funds but you have a lot of your wealth in crypto. With a crypto card you can instantly make a purchase using your crypto whereas if you would withdraw the funds to your bank account it would take 2-3 days until you can spend it.


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We are a multi-faceted team of crypto enthusiasts based in Berlin.

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