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Roxana Danila, CTO of Nexus Mutual on Building the World's First Insurance Protocol for DeFi

almost 2 years ago ·

1 min read

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In this episode I speak with Roxanna Danila, she’s the CTO of Nexus Mutual, on of the hottest projects in the growing crypto insurance vertical.

 Nexus Mutual brings insurance to the frantic wild west world of DeFi and allows users to protect themselves against hacks and smart contracts bugs in their favourite DeFi projects while continuing to enjoy their high interest rates.

What’s interesting is that Nexus Mutual itself is also a protocol consisting of smart contracts. Nexus Mutual members pool capital together to secure the protocol. Users on the other hand, take insurance against that backdrop of capital and Nexus Mutual Members earn premiums for capitalising the Mutual. Insurance claims are equally processed by the Mutual Members as everything happens on-chain.

It is a fascinating system which Roxanna explains in very simple terms.

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almost 2 years ago ·

1 min read

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We are a multi-faceted team of crypto enthusiasts based in Berlin.

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