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Paxful CEO Ray Youssef, On Building A Universal Money Translator using Crypto

Wed Jun 10 2020
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Ray Youssef is the CEO of Paxful, a peer-to-peer marketplace to trade bitcoin. Paxful let's people **directly **trade bitcoin with one another. Anyone can sell bitcoin on the platform, choose which payment methods they want to be paid in, set the price they want to sell for etc. It's essentially like Ebay for bitcoin.

The company grew to over 250 employees without ever receiving any investor money. The reason Paxful is so successful is that it does an incredible job at connecting all the fragmented financial systems in the world. Using Paxful, someone in Nigeria can pay someone in China on WeChat by just finding a peer on Paxful who is willing to accept bitcoin and able to pay out the quivalent amount in Yuan on WeChat.

In other words, Bitcoin is the clearing network or 'Money Translator' that connects all these peers and allows anyone to pay anyone in the world.

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