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Jack Lipstone from Rari Capital on Building a Yield Aggregating Machine

Wed Jan 13 2021
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In this episode we talk to Jack Lipstone one of the founders behind Rari Capital

Rari is a lending protocol aggregator, promising to always get the best interest rates for their users who trust Rari with their crypto assets.

Since there are multiple lending protocols in the DeFi space, each having different interest rates, it can be quite time consuming for users to always move their assets between apps as soon as interest rates change.

Rari automates this process and deposits user asset in whatever protocol delivers the best rate: whether it’s Compound, Aave, DyDx or mStable.

That’s how it is able to consistently offer interest rates between 15-20% on dollar stable coin deposits

In the episode we talk about Jack’s experience as a 19 year old founder in DeFi, about the fierce competition among lending aggregators and what Rari has in the pipeline to get ahead of the competition in 2021.

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