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Wirex CEO Pavel Matveev on Crypto cards and Payments

Wed Jul 15 2020
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In this episode I talk to Pavel Matveev who is the CEO and Founder of Wirex. Wirex was the first company to launch a crypto card in 2015, thereby allowing bitcoin users to spend their cryptocurrency online or in store, pretty much anywhere where Visa is accepted.

We talk about how Wirex grew from a simple idea to a company with more than 230 employees, offices in 7 locations all around the world and more than 3m customers.

The story is quite fascinating as Pavel has been in the space for a long time and knows a lot about traditional finance.

We also discuss Wirex’s plans to launch its own stable coins, why Wirex launched their own token, the Wirex token (WXT) which he thinks about as loyalty token on steroids and what they have planned for the future.

HINT: A lot!

Thanks to our sponsor Bitwala for sponsoring the episode!

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