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Matthew Finestone HD of Business at Loopring on the State of Layer-2 solutions

Tue Oct 27 2020
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Spotify, Apple Podcast, Breaker It has long been clear that Ethereum needs scaling solutions in order to fulfil its promise of hosting any kind of application on its network. Currently, although DeFi is still a niche industry, the Ethereum network is already reaching its maximum capacity.

In this episode we talk to Matthew Finestone from Loopring, a team building a ZK Rollup based Layer 2 solution. Matthew and I discuss the landscape of Layer-2 solutions and how Loopring fits in there.

We also talked about the advantages of being a first mover in the Layer-2 market, the role and mechanics behind the LRC token, and how Loopring plans to bring more users and liquidity onto its network.

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