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MEME Founder Jordan Lyall on farming NFTs and the future of the MEME project

Wed Sep 30 2020
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In this episode we talk to Jordan Lyall Founder of the MEME protocol. MEME captures the Zeitgeist of the crypto space like no other project. It started as a joke on Twitter as Jordan was mocking the yield farming craze taking place in the DeFi space. He shared a drag and drop interface for building DeFi projects in a few clicks.

Out of nowhere, someone launched a token, a Telegram group was created and motivated community members signaled interest to buil a real product.

Two weeks later dontbuymeme.com was born, a protocol that produces rare NFTs and requires users to lock their assets in order to receive these NFTs.

Within one month MEME's price went from $0 to $2000, some of the most successful digital art artists collaborated with MEME and some of the NFTs sold for $70k dollars.

In this episode you'll learn about the incredible story behind MEME and what's in the pipeline for the next couple of months.

Thanks to Bitwala for sponsoring the show! Get €20 after your first trade if you sign-up using our link.

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