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Dillon Kellar from Indexed Finance on Building An Autonomous DeFi Index Protocol

Wed Jan 27 2021
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In this episode I talk to Dillon Kellar from Indexed Finance.

Indices are probably the hottest product category in the DeFi space right now.

Probably everyone knows indices or ETFs from the traditional world like the S&P500. They track the performance of entire market sector or baskets of assets.

By doing so they allow investors to get exposure in a passive way without having to actively manage their portfolio everyday, buying and selling various assets. An index takes care of that.

DeFi indices are even more interesting because they are decentralised and let governance token holders key factors such as which indices to deploy next, how to manage them and so on.

Indexed is one of the most interesting index projects right now - it rose from $0 to $17m in less than a month!

In this episode we talk about this incredible journey.

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