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Brave Head of Marketing, Des Martin, on Hypergrowth, Browser Marketing and the Future of Brave

Sat May 09 2020
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Des Martin, Head of Marketing at Brave, joins the show. Des has been with Brave for almost two years in which he saw the user base grow from 2 to more than 12 million monthly active users. In the episode we talk about the factors that have fuelled this tremendous growth, possible next products, Brave's partnership with Binance, the importance of the BAT (Basic Attention Token) and much more!

Favourite quote: *There’s still so much we can do with the browser. The browser can potentially go back to becoming a super app. A lot of things have been taken out of the browser and broken into different apps on your phone. But a browser with a wallet that enables you to a whole range of things that you would have done in other apps is very powerful. *

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