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Card - Fees in / Fees out

6.5% / 4%

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1% / 1%



7.9 / 10

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About Edge

What we like about Edge
  • Multiple on-ramp providers guarantee best fees, limits and settlement times
  • In-wallet crypto-to-crypto trading
  • Phone credit top ups and gift cards can be purchased with crypto
What we dislike about Edge
  • Old fashioned interface
  • Cluttered with unexplained features in menu

Available on both iOS and Android, Edge has created a secure non-custodial wallet for all of your assets. It currently supports over 20 cryptocurrencies, as well as Ethereum ERC20 tokens. It differentiates itself from other wallets by offering a wealth of additional services besides storing and transferring crypto. Having fiat on and off-ramp options in many geographies, Edge caters to a global audience. In some regions, users chan choose between as many as 4 different providers each with different price, settlement times and payment methods.

Edge only requires a username and password to sign up. The password is used to encrypt the user's private key which is then stored on Edge’s servers. This means that you can recover your wallet with your password login should you lose your phone. Be assured: Although, Edge has the private key on their server, they can’t access the funds associated with it because the private key is heavily encrypted (read more).

This scheme is much more user-friendly than having to write down a seed phrase on a piece of paper. All you need to remember is a password! Users can also set-up a password recovery mechanism, like with traditional websites in case they lose the password, but this needs to be set-up by the user beforehand. Once the phone is lost and the passsword not known, funds can not be recoverd. Two-factor authentication, touch and face ID provide additional security.

We love the integrated ability to sell crypto in exchange for gift vouchers from over 1500 businesses worldwide. This is a welcome fallback option for users wanting to sell their crypto without going through a KYC process or for users in countries that currently have no bank transfer off-ramp option. Edge has also integrated a crypto-to-crypto exchange feature, allowing users to trade within the app and avoid going through third party exchanges.

An area of improvement would be the app’s UX. It lacks excitement and modernity and is currently very crowded with services lacking in information and directions. For this reason, users new to crypto may be overwhelmed by the content and functionality of the app. Edge’s site does have a comprehensive knowledge base and customer support can be accessed via a ticket through the app, email or phone.

Conclusively, Edge is a great wallet offering users an abundance of ways to put their crypto into use. Despite a touch outdated in terms of design standards, it’s broad support of assets and integration of services within the app deem it a great option for users experienced with crypto.

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